Workplace Diversity

Diverse workplaces consist of employees with various characteristics including, not limited to: political and religious beliefs, gender, race, ethnicity, education, geographical location, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. This not only includes how an individual perceives himself or herself, but also how they perceive others. These perceptions eventually affect their interactions with others. In order for employers to extract the best qualities out of a vast number of employees to establish an efficient and well-functioning organization, human resource professionals must have an effective way to handle issues such as: change, adaptability, and communication. As the workplace becomes more and more diverse, successful organizations recognize the need to invest in proper resources to effectively manage workplace diversity.

The Workplace Diversity workshop is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of diversity, as well as to provide effective resources to foster workplace diversity both at work and at home.

Participants will be:

  • Challenged to use active listening skills to effectively receive messages in diverse populations
  • Given strategies to disengage barriers and stereotypes
  • Use effective questioning techniques
  • Communicate with strength