Dressing for Success

Many people form opinions of us based upon our appearance. Therefore, “dressing for success” is a part of building our professional presence and should be taken seriously. While work performance is extremely important, your executive presence is even more important. Dressing for success is key to making a lasting positive impression. Business attire has changed significantly over the last twenty years. For instance, a few modern companies encourage employees to dress freely or casually for comfort; while other companies require a more defined professional dress code to maintain a professional image of one’s self and the business.

The Dress for Success workshop will help participants understand five major truths about dressing better:

  1. Dressing better can affect your mood in a positive way.
  2. Individuals who dress better are deemed to be natural leaders.
  3. When dressed professionally, you are always prepared to meet people with confidence.
  4. Individuals who are well dressed are perceived to be smarter and more successful.
  5. Dressing professionally gives you a competitive advantage, as you set the example for your fellow coworkers, and competitors, alike.