Dining Etiquette

“Dining Etiquette Still Matters.” – The Washington Post

Dining etiquette. It’s something that’s wholly missing from upbringings today. It’s near impossible to run into someone that was taught basic dining skills, like when to arrive, what to do with napkins and utensils, and how to interact with the person or people sitting across the table from you. Although dining etiquette isn’t a prerequisite for dating right now, it’s still critically important for business dinners, interviews, and networking.

How Will Dining Etiquette Help Me?

  • Business: You will go on business dinners or lunches in your lifetime. It’s where the most important talks, the impromptu discussions, and the professional intimacy goes down. If you’re asked to dinner by your superior, boss, or a potential interviewer for a job you want, it’s important that you appear powerful, in control, and polite during the meal. That’s where dining etiquette comes into the picture.
  • Networking: If you’re at a business dinner and end up sitting down next to people you want to network with, having food all over your face and making a fool of yourself at the table isn’t going to do you any favors. Learn how to work a table and network professionally.
  • Dating: Dining etiquette can help you in more ways than one. After mastering business dinners, take your newfound skills with you into the dating game, wowing dates with your precise and calculated movements.