Persuasion Skills

The art of persuasion is quite possibly one of the most powerful skills a person can equip today. Although we aren’t exactly trained in the art of persuasion and how to be persuasive during school, it’s a real-world tactic that will take you far in the business sphere. Do you want to wield the power of commanding an audience and nudging things in your direction? Do you want to command respect for your go-getter mentality?

Whether for personal or professional means, learning how to be persuasive will save you time, minimize energy expulsion, create a more confident image, and provide you with a respectful platform that everyone will come to recognize.

You’ll leave this course understanding:

  • How to leverage persuasion
  • When different types of persuasion are appropriate
  • Different types of persuasive techniques
  • Persuasive writing
  • Persuasive networking