Social Etiquette

Studies have proven that poor social skills can be physically and mentally damaging to our health today. Yes, not being able to communicate with other humans and shying away from social interactions will actually cause you to develop depression, paranoia, and anxiety, while contributing to weight gain as a result of immobile tendencies.

It’s no secret that millennials aren’t exactly the best social generation. Having grown up with cellphones and Facebook, social etiquette is taking a backseat to mobile apps and video games.

Why Does Social Etiquette Matter?

  • Improved Communication: The more you can communicate with people, the happier you’ll feel and the more effective you’ll be in any setting.
  • Business Advancements: If you want that raise or promotion, you need to be able to socially relay that information in a way that’s respectable. With no social skills, you’ll simply be passed over.
  • Happiness: Being able to converse with people and make friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and coworkers is essential to our well-being. We are social creatures by nature.
  • Social Power: If you want to run for office, found a charity, or work on behalf of a cause you care about, social etiquette is critically important.